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person: how are you
me: my football club lost
person: ok but apart from that
me: no you dont understand


Today In History | September 1, 1715: Death of King Louis XIV of France

Louis XIV (5 September 1638 – 1 September 1715), known as Louis the Great (Louis le Grand) or the Sun King (le Roi-Soleil), was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France and Navarre from 1643 until his death. His reign of 72 years and 110 days is the longest of any monarch of a major country in European history.

After 72 years on the throne, Louis died of gangrene at Versailles, four days before his 77th birthday. Enduring much pain in his last days, he finally “yielded up his soul without any effort, like a candle going out” while reciting the psalm Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina (O Lord, make haste to help me). His body was laid to rest in Saint-Denis Basilica outside Paris. It remained there undisturbed for about 80 years until revolutionaries exhumed and destroyed all the remains to be found in the Basilica.

By the time of his death, Louis was predeceased by most of his immediate legitimate family. His last surviving son, the Dauphin, died in 1711. Barely a year later, the Duke of Burgundy, the eldest of the Dauphin’s three sons and then heir to Louis, followed his father. Burgundy’s elder son, Louis, Duke of Brittany, joined them a few weeks later. Thus, on his deathbed, Louis’s heir was his five-year-old great-grandson, Louis, Duke of Anjou, Burgundy’s youngest son. {x}

Spiral (Engrenages) S01E01


Captains of the Gotei 13.


absolutely destroy the idea that you have to be loved romantically and love romantically

destroy the idea that the end goal of life is to get into a romantic relationship/marriage

romantic love isn’t a requirement to live life and it never will be

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