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elizabeth-karenina asked: Eighteenth or Nineteenth Century

Pictured [not in chronological order]:

  • French fashion plate (1700-89)
  • Benjamin Franklin publishes a political cartoon advocating colonial unity (1754)
  • Westover Plantation house constructed in Virginia (c. 1750)
  • François Boucher’s Rococo painting “The Love Letter” (1750)
  • Construction of the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo [outside St. Petersburg, Russia] completed (1756)
  • A General History of the Pyrates published (1724) —the “Golden Age” of Piracy spanned from 1716-1726
  • Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia (originally planned in 1749)
  • The U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776)
  • The Women’s March to Versailles (1789)

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road Comic-Con First Look Trailer

How terrifying is James Spader on set? x


leo is chasing after that jack nicholson aesthetic like his life depends on it

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